LYF Brands Review – A Review of the LYF Brands Home Business Opportunity

LYF Brands is a new network marketing company launching VERY soon that is already starting to get some serious attention from industry leaders. There are several different factors that have the biggest influence on whether a company like LYF will be able to gain some serious traction, or whether they will fail. Does LYF offer a UNIQUE product in a unique marketing position? Does the company have the right LEADERSHIP standing behind them? And more importantly do YOU have what it takes to be successful in LYF? My intention for you today is to get a BIG piece of the puzzle, so you can make an educated decision for yourself about joining LYF Brands.Once in a blue moon do you see a network marketing company come along and offer what LYF Brands is offering. Backed by a strong leadership team, big funding, scientific research development and quality products. Is it all to good to be true? LYF Brands boasts an irresistible range of nutritional and personal care products that enhance individual wellbeing. The focus is on GREEN, NATURAL, healthy living products that are not only far safer and superior, but will give other everyday household products a run for their money. Our love for environmentally safe products has become an ever increasingly popular idea that we’ve seen coming to market in recent times.LYF is a forward-looking company, committed to innovation, action and international expansion. Currently in the U.S and intending to make a strong global presence in 23 countries over the next 6 to 12 months. Founder and CEO, Michael Han, veteran business leader is committed to the highest standards of business ethics. Surrounding himself with top industry talent. Michael Kelly is the Chief LYF coach as an example. With 18 strong members in the leadership team they will surely have a commanding influence on the SUCCESS of the company. LYF offers leadership programmes and mentoring to help you really explode your business. These programmes are ESSENTIAL to the success of anyone starting out in the network marketing business.I think there is tremendous potential for LYF Brands. LYF Brands provide a legitimate opportunity for you to earn a solid income in the home based business industry and I believe LYF is a name that is going to be known in every household around the globe. LYF Brands appears to have all the right ingredients to be a successful network marketing company.However… I will say one more thing… and that is… that just joining LYF is not going to make you money. This is by far the biggest mistake that most people make in the network marketing industry. Any business, LYF included, is literally USELESS to the new network marketer… unless you KNOW how to market, how to generate leads, and the principals behind succeeding in this industry first.What you need to know when marketing your LYF Brands Business is how to use TECHNOLOGY to get your opportunity out to thousands of new prospects searching for LYF and your LYF opportunity. You can literally be creating HUNDREDS of fresh leads a day if you know what your doing and you have the right SYSTEMS in place. Traditional marketing methods are almost useless for 99% of the population. No one likes hassling friends or family. No more chasing Nanna to make a sale…The bottom line is, the people who are learning how to use TECHNOLOGY to grow their business, will have advantage over 99.9% of the other network marketers out there that have no idea this stuff even exists. My advice is to start using TECHNOLOGY to generate endless LYF leads and truly build your LYF business to a massive success. If you are serious about being a top earner in network marketing and truly learning how to LEVERAGE your time and energy then you need to have a system that will BLOW your business out of the ball park.